We also have an intraoral camera which provides a clinical photographic record of your oral environment and treatment stages. This allows you to view your oral health first hand on a monitor and understand more clearly your oral health condition. We employ state of the art technology in house such as digital XRAY, Cone Beam CT scanning, intraoral photography and oral 3D scanning just to name a few.

Townsend Family Dental offers the highest standard of care with our up to date, state of the art technology. All practitioners perform wearing custom built magnification loops which is used to enhance the working field to ensure accuracy in top-level intricate dental procedures, like root canal therapy, crown and bridge preparations and implants. We also utilise an intra-oral camera during treatment procedures, which provides a clinical photographic record of your oral environment and treatment stages. This also allows us to educate, demonstrate and explain our procedures at no extra cost.

Digital x-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool at Townsend Family Dental, giving instant access, easy storage and the ability to promptly share information with relevant specialists if required. Digital x-rays also reduce the exposure time to radiation by 1/5 of conventional film, enhancing safety of our procedures. We are one of few dentists on the Sunshine Coast that offer the convenience of onsite OPG and Cone Beam CT scans, allowing us to give more thorough on the day diagnosis. 

Townsend Family Dental can be assured that all our materials are scientifically backed, extensively tested and widely researched.



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