Teeth Whitening

Do you find your smile lacks sparkle? Would you like to bring some life and vibrancy back to it? Teeth whitening is a quick and affordable way to freshen the colour of your teeth. 

Townsend Family Dental offers the highest of quality in tooth whitening. We have two options for brightening your smile, either our customized take-home trays with prescription-strength gels, or our in-office Zoom Whitening. Our product can only be sold through a licenced dental practitioner. It is the most effective product available for a longer lasting result.


Take Home Whitening:

  • Customised trays - Comfortable to wear and easy to use
  • 8x Tubes of whitening gel, enough for full treatment and spare
  • Up to 9 applications to achieve result.
  • No special light required
  • Comfort of your own home


In Office Whitening:

  • Fast, on the day results
  • Takes the stress out of doing it yourself
  • Custom trays – all in office whitening patients have the bonus of also receiving take home whitening trays and gel.
  • LED light


Ready to Get Started?


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